Our brand

We aim to bring creativity with clothing. When you wear our brand we want to boost your ego, stand out, look different. You wear our brand and your friends ask where you got the drip from. You can kick back in KKEIKO, you can celebrate in KKEIKO. Thats us. 



What does KKEIKO mean?

Kkeiko means blessing.

Our product

We create designs that have meaning. They're unique, tell a story, bring a vibe. Our pieces have quality, staple pieces, pieces you don't just want but pieces you need.


KKEIKO LONDON was founded by Donny Kkeiko 

"I have always been a creative type of person not so much an intellectual. As a creator I've enjoyed different types of art from painting, drawing, sketching to physically cutting, piecing together fabrics to make clothing. I struggled at school but always passed my Art classes, this was my first sign that creating was something I was born good at. When I was asked what my future career would be, I would tell anybody my goal in life is to create.

Having spending a lot of time at home from skipping school, I began mastering my talent at painting and drawing. I first started a creative business at the age 17 doing Graphic designing. I would spend hours on my laptop and iPad drawing for people. I then branched my graphic design business to designing clothing for upcoming brands. After a year, when I turned 18, I moved to London on my own in hopes to chase my dream of being a fashion designer.

I first thought of the idea of my brand when I was living in London surrounded by so many different styles of Fashion. I fell in love with the language Fashion speaks. The volume and power it holds. I loved how expressive Fashion could be, so I wanted to create something my own.

Creating my own brand was purposely for personal use, to rock my own clothing until people wanted to also wear my designs too. I spent hours in my room a day sketching ideas till I finalised each design. I launched KKEIKO LONDON 16th June 2020 starting it with only £1,000. Unexpectedly it grew fast, so I started introducing more designs and styles. Thats my story"